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A King of a Trail

July 23, 2009

With all the paving and bike lane improvements taking place along Main Street Norwich and Route 5, it won’t be long before it’s even easier to get to the King Arthur Trail.  It’s a great place to take a short hike while visiting the King Arthur Flour Co. for baking supplies or a great way to get off the road and walk or bike to the playing fields.

Sept 025

Officially open in September 2008, this .75 mile long trail was originally proposed  in 2001 as a possible alternate route for an Upper Valley Loop Trail.  Priorities for Loop trail projects were considered and by 2003 efforts became  focused on Loop trail sections a little further south as a multi-use trail was desired from Wilder to Dothan Brook School. 

The King Arthur Trail concept was never forgotten – just put on hold.  Renewed interest in trail connections occurred as the Dresden School’s needed more space for playing fields. Norwich biking advocate, Jamie Hess, expressed a need to have safer travel from the town center to the planned playing fields. The Upper Valley Trails Alliance steeped forward to coordinate  the the trails development. Working with private landowners, King Arthur Flour Co., Inc., and the Dresden School District, permissions were generously granted to the Upper Valley Trails Alliance to design and construct the new trail. Norwich Trails Committee members reviewed the trails alignment and UVTA sought funding through the Vermont Youth Corps to clear the path. A 6′ wide packed earth trail was created for walkers, hikers, bicyclists, and skiers interested in an off road route from Mill Road (across from the Upper Valley Event Center) to the playing fields. During the winter, the trail is widened to 8′ and may someday offer a groomed winter surface.

Get outside and enjoy the King Arthur Trail.

Trail Map (paper copies also available in the entrance foyer to the King Arthur Flour store)

Thanks to everyone that helped to make this new community trail possible.

Special thanks to: landowners Frank & Brinna Sands, King Arthur Flour Co. (including Steve Voigt, Joe Malpino, Allison Furbish, Paula Gray and KAF employees) and Dresden School District (including Wayne Gersen, Jonathan Brush, and Dresden School Board and their representative John Chamberlin); Vermont Youth Conservation Corps John Leddy and energetic VYCC Roving Crew 3; trail visionaries Jamie Hess, Wally Elton, Heather Toulmin and UVTA founders; project support provided by Norwich Trails Committee (grant support), Jonathan Frishtick (mapping), and TimberHomes LLC (kiosk); and the many community trail crew volunteers, including Dartmouth’s Allwin Initiative at Tuck. Project funding by VYCC’s Transportation Enhancement Program, Vermont Recreation Trails Program, UVTA’s LLBean Trail Stewardship Fund, and Trails Alliance members like you for making this possible.

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