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October 15th Tour – UV Bike-Ped-Trail Connections

September 25, 2009

A few months ago the Trails Alliance organized a meeting, held July 10th, to discuss trail and bike/pedestrian connections associated with the new homes at the Gile  Tract in Hanover. We coordinated with the Hanover Trails Committee, Hanover Conservation Council, Hanover Planning Dept., Hanover Bike/Ped. Committee, Twin Pines Housing Trust, Suncook development representative, and Hartland Group Gile Hill project representatives to learn about current project status and learn about possible trail additions and enhancements  A few weeks later, on July 29th, we met with Frank Gould and other state/U.S. representatives from NH and VT, and bike-ped-trail advocates to share information on current and proposed projects that will improve connections through the central communities of the Upper Valley. Doug Deaett, a Hanover Bike/Ped. Committee member, attended these meetings, and expressed an interest to see a Route 120 master plan be completed to address the need for enhanced trail connections, and bike/pedestrian improvements, coupled with conservation groups interests in land conservation of sensitive areas.

Doug’s enthusiasm for a Rte. 120 master planning effort captured the Trails Alliances attention and Doug offered to volunteer for the Trails Alliance to convene stakeholders for a field tour of the Rte. 120 corridor. He has been working diligently over the past two months to organize a  tour with the NH DOT Bike/Pedestrian Coordinators (Larry Keniston and Jerry Moore) and other interested parties on October 15th. There has been so much growing interest that the tour has expanded to include bike/ped. and trail facilities and organizations on both sides of the Connecticut River.

The October_15th_Upper_Valley_Bike,_Walk_Tour_Itinerary, final.

Letter re 120 bike-ped masterplan

Thanks to Hanover Bike/Ped. Committee, the Lebanon Bike-Ped Advisory Committee, and the NH Department of Transportion Bike and Ped. program for  for co-sponsoring this event with the Upper Valley Trails Alliance.  Without Doug’s dedication to organize this event we would not have seen this project come together in such a timely fashion – thanks so much Doug!

Thanks also to the following businesses for their contributions to this important tour:

1.  Residence Marriott has donated their Board Room and beverages for the morning reception.
2.  Lebanon Co-op has donated $50.00 for refreshments for the morning reception.
3.  River Valley Club has donated some free admissions after the ride so we can clean up and relax.

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