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Upper Valley Trails Connect: Signing the Hub

December 22, 2009

After many weeks of sign discussion and UV Loop Trail Steering Committee comment review, we’ve come up with six revised signs that we’d like you to consider for the main bikeable hub connecting Hanover and Norwich to the north, with Lebanon and Hartford to the south. As we move forward with improving trail connectivity throughout the valley, we’ll work with communities, organizations and trail advocates to get more off road trail connections in place for a wide variety of  trail users such as walkers, hikers, runners, x-country skiers, and inline skaters.

Many commenters expressed a strong interest to see shared path signage. In Lebanon there is already discussion underway to consider a shared multi-use path along a portion of Mt. Support Rd. and in time with your support, more walkable and bikeable trail facilities will be created.

Several people are interested in seeing a walking symbol Vs backpacking hikers used to represent many of the pedestrian trails in the region. Heading out on a short local trail does not require the same level of preparation as does a day trip to the White Mountains where a backpack and supplies is important for safety and to ensure an enjoyable outing. See walker and other pictograms in the recently approved 2009 edition of the U.S.A. Transportation Department’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices – look at page 799 through 800.

To complete the marking of the bikeable loop, here are six sign possibilities to consider. The new 2009 MUTCD standards require a green oval with bike above a unique route designation, or additionally, they can have an area at the top of the green oval shaded white and contain a unique pictograph and/or words for any jurisdiction.  If you’d like to share your preference, consider them numbered 1 to 3 in top row, and 4 through 6 in the bottom row. Click the signs on right to open larger image for improved viewing and use the “Leave a reply and submit comment” features in this blog to share your feedback.

Send us a sign idea to and we’ll gladly consider posting it to this blog,

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  1. January 1, 2010 11:11 am

    I like the lettering style of #2 and #3. But I’d like to see what these styles look like on a solid background like #5 before deciding between split and solid background.
    Also before a final decision, if it’s hoped to label other trails consistently, what would the signs look like (1) for trailheads and (2) for off-road “blazing”?
    It’s worth considering that for locals, at least, “UV TRAILS”, would mean just as much as “UPPER VALLEY TRAILS” and reduce clutter.
    And speaking of clutter, there are already too many signposts along our roads. I would hope that these route signs could be added to existing signposts–perhaps, if allowable, on DOT route signs at about eye level for bikers.

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