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Volunteers Ready For Trail Surveying

December 22, 2009

As the Upper Valley Trails Alliance moves forward on our new Trail Finder project, volunteers are being prepared to capture trail information. In the past week we’ve held workshops for eight new Trail Surveyors. Participants learned how to use a GPS unit (Global Positioning System)  to collect digital paths and special features along a trail.  Digital cameras were used to record features that will be helpful for future visitors of Trail Finder and notes were taken to capture trail details. Pictures of trailheads and trail junctions will be added to the online map database to help trail users prepare for their visit.  If you see someone holding a yellow GPS, and writing some notes on a clip board, you’re likely seeing one of our new Trail Surveyor volunteers. Please thank them for helping to make trail information more accessible in the Upper Valley. If you’d like to be part of this exciting project, e-mail, and we’ll sign you up for our next Volunteer Trail Surveyor workshop. No time to volunteer? You can help out with this exciting project by donating online today!

Thanks to our partner Local Motion of Burlington, Vt for making this project possible. See their original Trail Finder at

UV Trail Finder funded in part by Vermont’s Recreation Trails Program, UV HEAL, LLBean, and West Lebanon WalMart.

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