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Trail Facts: Marking Trails…..

April 15, 2011


Marking trails…

Standard painted blaze size is 2″ wide by 6″ tall, evenly spaced along the trail. If placed correctly, when standing next to a blazed tree, you normally won’t see your next blaze ahead of you. Move forward on the trail and you’ll find your next reassurance marker. Blazes in opposite direction are staggered between those in other direction. Know why?

As you walk towards your next blaze along the trail, turn around about half way before you get to the next blaze. Turn around and you should see a blaze on a tree and typically on the opposite side of the trail. By staggering blazes in opposite directions, fewer blaze marks are needed to mark a route (less sign and marker pollution) while still helping the unfamiliar user of a trail with guidance.

Frequency of blazes vary depending on how easy it is to follow the trail. A twisty windy narrow trail may need more markings, especially when snow is on the ground, than a wide straight trail.

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